Who are we?

We’re a small family business Belper, Derbyshire and have a passion for web design and helping small businesses get noticed.

We create a number of different websites for ourselves and clients, which include directory websites like this.

These business directory websites are designed to help businesses get found and yes they are free and yes they do get abused.

When we say abused, there are a number of people and bots submitting multiple listings for the same company or multiple businesses from the same IP.

We use human’s to read and make sure that each listing is for a real business and this can take time, yet we remain free.

How do we remain free?

It is a costly affair to keep this and other directory websites online, especially as we pride ourselves on remaining free. But you may have seen adverts running on the website, these are placed not to be annoying, but to give us an income that goes towards the upkeep. So if you spot something on one of the adverts and click on to it, we need to make you aware that we may receive a small commission. We do also sell advertising on our website. From an enhanced listing to a full takeover of the website, use the CONTACT page to get in touch with the team here.